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Stories No Longer Online or Published in Hardcopy

  • Steam and Starfish in Beecher’s, July 2015. Hardcopy publication but you can see the video performance with a score composed and performed by my son Henry here. (also viewable from the Readings & Media page on this site)

  • The Ghost Bike in Pear Noir, April 2014. With Robert Coover and Aimee Bender in the last issue of a great publication.
  • Mountain Dog and The Hurt Museum. Two flash fiction stories in The Broken Plate, Spring 2016.  
  • Pogo Chicken in Ellipsis, April 2014 
  • Umbilical in Cape Fear, June 2014
  • Landfall in The Los Angeles Review, Spring, 2013. Originally titled “Godzillas’s Refrigerator” and reverting to that title since then when I did it at the It’s About Time reading. Way better title.
  • In The Creases of Dead Maps in Metazen, November 2013. Thanks to my dear friend Len.
  • Scientific Inquiry at the Open Mic in Wonder and Risk, October 2013
  • Krill in Clapboard House, December 2013
  • Typewriter for a Superior Alphabet in Used Furniture Review, Feb 2013. Title piece in the Alice Blue chapbook and still one of my favorites
  • Bubble Wrap in Thickjam. Inspired by the satisfying pop of packaging materials.
  • Moaning Lisa and the Wall of Gum / Brink March 2012
  • Suicide of the Machines / Corvus, August, 2012
  • George Clooney Performs an Emergency Tracheotomy on Olvera Street, Waterhouse Review, 2011. A story about LA published in a lit mag out of Scotland and Minnesota
  • Confluence / Staccato Fiction, 2011
  • Saving for a Better Miracle, the Delinquent, 2011
  • Parallax and the Gandy Dancer / Danse Macabre, 2011
  • The Art of Cussed Persistence. An essay about doing the work. Flash Fiction Chronicles (July 2011)
  • My Combustible Heart / Foliate Oak, December 2010
  • The House of Phantom Limbs / Writers’ Bloc 
  • DNA FAQ / in “Typewriter for a Superior Alphabet"
  • Brain in a Box / The Legendary
  • Reality Check / The Rose and Thorn, 2006, nominated for a Pushcart
  • Leaving Hieronymous / The Green Mountains Review, 2005
  • Like Juggling Water / Cicada, 2005
  • The Egg Reflex / Snake Nation Review, 2005
  • Crow Steals Cable TV / Palo Alto Review, 2007
  • Goody Goody / Bryant Literary Review, 2006
  • Failing at Breakfast/Kimera
  • Bounce in Pindeldyboz.
  • Watchtower in descant
  • Boy Scouts, Artisan. First accepted story, but not first published.
  • The Man Who Ate Cars, Carve, 2001. First published short story.
  • Winner, Epigrams for the Internet Age Contest, Salon Magazine “A fool and his money are soon automated.” 1999, the first thing I ever published. Later quoted in a meteiorlogical paper in New Zealand and discovered there by my son via the WayBack machine. 


Typewriter for a Superior Alphabet / Stories from the Archive of Lost Possibilities 

Flash fiction chapbook from Alice Blue Press, thanks to the wonderful  Amber Nelson. And the cover is gold! Here’s a review and an interview on Blotterature. Alice Blue is no more, but if you send me an email I might send you one of my copies. Still one of my favorite things ever.

The Poison Hotline 

a story anthologized in Flash Fiction Funny

Contains flash from many of the best, including Stuart Dybek, Steve Almond, Kathy Fish and Robert Vaughan, Meg Tuite and many others. 

Available on Amazon

The Monkey Gangs is an actual essay, published in the collection “In Case We Die” edited by Bud Smith and Aaron Dietz. Unknown Press, available on Amazon here.

Taking Candy From the Devil

(a novel)

A novel I wrote and published on Amazon and Smashwords. Retired at the end of 2016. 

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