Robert P. Kaye

Writes fiction of various lengths (flash, short story, novel)

Hosts the Works In Progress open mic series at Hugo House in Seattle 

Co-founded the Seattle Fiction Federation 


  • Salon magazine selected his entry “A fool and his money are soon automated” as Best Technology Epigram, launching a literary delusion (1999) 
  • Carved the Confessional Bar sign at Hugo House’s temporary home (pictured at right) and converted the old confessional booth to the bar front.  
  • Likes to take pictures, some of which are on this website
  • He can juggle. Once drove the monorail. Has an embarassing personal anecdote about the Dalai Lama.
  • Loves writers who bleed across the literary/fantastical genre divide, specifically Karen Russell, Kelly Link, George Saunders, John Crowley, Colson Whitehead, Thomas Pynchon and others  

Engines of tourism and commerce on the Seattle waterfront


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- on Twitter as OhKayeThen@RobertPKaye

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