Robert P. Kaye writes fiction of various length. He has published some stuff (see the Books & Stories link). He hosts the Works In Progress open mic series at Hugo House in Seattle and co-founded the Seattle Fiction Federation, a secretive organization with unclear aims.

You can contact him by email at RobertPKaye(at)gmail(dot)com or find him on Facebook and Instagram under his real name. 

Stuff About Robert P. Kaye

  • Born in Los Angeles around the midpoint of the terminal century of the prior millennium 
  • Migrated north to a damp city in search of education and good coffee
  • Salon magazine selects his entry “A fool and his money are soon automated” as Best Technology Epigram, launching a literary delusion
  • Publishes short fiction in print and online  
  • Facilitates the Works in Progress open mic reading at Hugo House
  • Co-founded the Seattle Fiction Federation
  • Does other stuff, some of it useful, most of it not
  • Endings prove inconclusive 

© Robert P Kaye 2017